Updating a datagridview

@apegram u say "one user updates the data, an event is fired and the other clients refresh the data as necessary" i think that could work, thanks.

I'm sorry, but I do not have an exact implementation in mind. If you were to have a client/server set-up with your multi-user data application, you could create an event for situations where the database has been updated. When a client commits changes to the data, you would programmatically raise the event.

but both of the way is looking bad, because it slowdown the server. It should only refresh the datagridview when there is some changes...

Now What I'm trying to do is when user do the changes in the grid those changes should be reflected in the list (in object properties) and then it should be updated in the database.

Regards, Arpan To add a reference in Visual C# # In Solution Explorer, right-click the project node and click Add Reference. https://khanrahim.wordpress.com/2010/07/08/delete-confirmation-in-asp-net-gridview/ However, for Button Click (on client click) write client confirmation javascript code.

Thanks Dear Sir, how can i add the reference of system.configuration, i m unable to ignore this error if u have time to solve my problem then reply step by step i have download code but no success to remove the errror. Open(); error message:”Expected class, delegate, enum, interface, or struct” hi i want a code to add details in my database using c#windows form apllication in these from it contains add button when i entered data in textboxes than click add button it will added to the data base plzz rply me here my code is using System; using System.

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Note: Application work in C# (Window Form) and SQL server 2005 as backend Thank you...In the case of the former, you can try using event notifications. When one user updates the data, an event is fired and the other clients refresh the data as necessary. i refresh datasource after one user updated his work.but before the refresh , if other user already open the datasource in his pc, his datasource will not be updated.

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