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The activities put forth by WIA help people prepare for jobs and find them by offering classes, training, and job search tools.

Eligibility Requirements All individuals using the services provided by WIA must be at least 18 years old.

Others have started their own business or grown one they already had.

Grant Amount The grant is given to job centers across the United States.

From the funding, there are three types of services offered to users of the job center. Core Services: This provides people with labor market information, skill level assessments and help with job searching. Intensive Services: People who have completed one core service are able to move on to intensive services.

These people are unable to obtain or maintain employment despite the help they received from the core services.

Intensive services provide assistance with personal self-sufficiency to increase the likelihood users will be able to sustain employment. Training Services: If people are not able to maintain employment after receiving core and intensive services, they move on to training services.

This program finances training program for individuals, so they have a higher chance of getting a job and keeping it.

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