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In 1992 in Wheaton, Illinois, Michael Alfonso's girlfriend Sumanear Yang told him she's going to break up with him and Alfonso talks into seeing her for one last time.During the visit, while Alfonso is driving and Yang on passenger side seat, he shot her in the head as he doesn't want her to abort his pregnated child and having that child without him.Many others found a way to build a new life without committing new crimes and successfully remain in hiding for years.

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Other outdoor scenes were filmed in northern New Jersey.Detective unit led by David Zdan suspected that Alfonso murdered Yang and didn't find enough conclusive evidence to arrest Alfonso.Then nine years later he dates another girlfriend named Genoveva Velasquez and got into a rage.Sometimes they are on the run as little as a few weeks before being caught while other times they remain on the run for years and in a few cases even decades.While on the run, some of the fugitives do anything from robbing gas stations to stealing Crystal Gayle's tour bus.

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