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This suggests to me that people with 20/20 vision are supposed to see it as the smallest line they can possibly see, with in turn means that it must have to look small.That you can read it means that you have 20/20 vision or better.

When it had a 3.25 lens it had the usual smudged astigmatism look and it didnt look super small like before.I don't believe that I have any latent hyperopia, and although 44 years old, my eyes have always been like this, and I don't yet have or need a reading add (I was given the option of a 0.25 add, which my optician didn't feel was necessary, so I didn't bother with it).For someone who has a very small distance prescription and no real need for a reading addition, at times I find it incredibly difficult to see well enough to thread a needle with my distance prescription, which makes me think it must be my convergence insufficiency.I fully appreciate that there are two reasons why somebody can't read a line, the first is that they have a refractive error which is blurring/distorting the letters, and the second is that the letters are just too small to see at that distance.However in practise, the two probably rather go hand in hand, with the better the focus, the smaller the minimum letter size which you can see.

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