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As the rhino numbers dwindle and they become rarer, their horns become more desirable and can be sold for £75,000 based on a value of £51,000 per kilo. The horns are used in Chinese medicine and are also used to fashion dagger handles in Yemen.

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The World Wildlife Fund (WWF) says the animals were 'exterminated at all costs' as the settlers viewed them as vermin in the early 20th century.Not at all SA I'm afraid - just thought I'd put my head in and say hello to you all. want to go back but hubby has issues with secruity and the fact that hundreds of South African's have left! KR Sarah Hi everyone, I have only just joined the group...quite from SOUTH AFRICA but Southern Africa, Zambia to be precise... Both my husband and I r South African (and proud of it!! Came here for some work experience and to earn some money for hubby to pay off a study loan we had - that was 8 yrs ago!!Think you've got a great rugby team & even better wine! Brought up in PE moved back to the UK 15years!!! There aren't many of us Zambians here in the UK especially the mixed race ones, but we try to stay in touch more so for our children..our cultures are quite different from the British way of life. I think we are very much like the SA as we have picked up alot of their foods, slang etc!!! mmmmm..anyone that lives near Staines there is a very nice SA shop with all the food and stuff from back home..called Cape Wines!!! Have a 19 month old son and second one due on 17 Dec (eeek - just realised how close that is). Am originally from Jhb Hi there, I am from SA - have been here 7 years, although every year at this time we question our logic.A Hyde Park High School teacher has been arrested after he sent a picture of himself naked in the bath.This image formed part of a Whatsapp chat with a 16-year-old kid.

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