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Copyright is designed to protect "intellectual property", whereas the oral tradition relies mainly on the concept of intellectual property not even existing.Hence the clash of these two cultures in the modern world leaves a very unsatisfactory situation.He searched confusedly through the myriad threads of words, until he came upon the dark, shadowy cave of Mr. He knew this from the small plaque at the entrance to the cave that read, "Mr. " Stepping from the shadows, Mr Faq took a slow breath then began to speak in his deep, slow voice, "This is a place where those who spend their days and nights telling stories to others may gather. Faq took a long, deep puff from his pipe, and waited for the next inevitable question. The seeker scrunched up his face and asked, "Well... Faq replied, "It is entertainment, a way of passing on a culture's history, or a way of teaching to both the young and the old. We all are storytellers, whether we realize it or not." The seeker was silent for a moment. See Bob Shimer's page using a palmtop computer to take to gigs.Here they exchange techniques and tips, let each other know of conventions, classes and concerts, and discuss storytelling - what it was, what it is, and what it is becoming. It is something that must be experienced and tried before you can fully understand it, as its live intimacy has a unique power and magic which creates community. Then, with a new and growing gleam of excitement in his eye he asked, "Mr. A common strategy is to write out a brief skeleton of the story, just enough to remind you of all the key points as a refresher. It can also help you not to follow the original text slavishly, and can be an aid to learning the story in the first place.A traditional tale cannot be copyrighted, but one exact form of words telling it can.

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It only takes one person, perhaps not even a storyteller but just a friend chatting to friends, to tell an original tale from a book, and the story can quickly be passed around, from teller to teller.

Search on the keywords of 'copyright' and 'censorship' and you'll find a great deal of intelligent food for thought.

Copyright is a complex issue and is almost completely at odds with the oral tradition.

Many storytellers try to stick roughly to a programme pattern of Haha! (summarised this way by Elizabeth Ellis, USA teller) - This means to start with short, funny stories, then something clever, witty or with a twist, continue with a longer interesting tale with some emotional depth, and end with a powerful or meaningful one (or continue for another cycle).

Consider telling stories around a specific theme if you haven't already been given one by your client - it can provide a way of linking from one story to the next.

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