Hyuna and junhyung dating sites

Cube Entertainment stated that the music video would be re-edited and submitted for approval.

NA and B2ST’s Junhyun called “A Bitter Day.”- Is said to have two personalities: onstage and offstage.Cube Entertainment formed a sub-unit called Trouble Maker in November, 2011 consisting of Jang Hyunseung (JS) from BEAST and Hyun A from 4minute.Their original subunit name was "JS&Hyuna", however, they were more known as "Trouble Maker" so that name was used officially instead.Hyuna also was a part of the group’s television show “MTV Wonder Girls” for two seasons, co-hosted with Wonder Girls’ Sohee and Fly to the Sky singer Brian Joo at “Show!Music Core” from from May 12 to June 30 and took part in the first filming of “Tell Me” music video, but then she was withdrawn from the group by her parents due to their concern over her problems with chronic gastroenteritis and fainting spells.- Suffered from depression due to leaving the Wonder Girls, which made her lose a lot of weight.- When Hyuna left Wonder Girls, a lot of unthoughtful rumors came out and there was a time when she wrote on her Cyworld that she did not want to live anymore.- She remained good friends with Wonder Girls’ members after her withdrawal from the group.

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