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While examining Weiner's laptop, investigators stumbled over new emails from Hillary Clinton's private server – prompting FBI Director James Comey to reopen the Clinton email investigation just days before the election.

He said the 'improper disclosures' caused 'immense pain' to his family and turned Weiner into a 'political pariah.''[W]hile Anthony was blessed that some in public life have provided letters to the Court in his support at sentencing, many others did not, citing not the offense conduct but Anthony's status as a political pariah,' said the memo.Weiner's attorneys filed a lengthy court memo which was made public in full on Thursday documenting their client's years as a self-proclaimed 'sex addict' and asking a judge for leniency when the former congressman is sentenced for sending obscenity to a minor later this month.In the memo, Weiner says he should be sentenced to probation – not prison time – because he has already faced severe 'extrajudicial punishment' and national disgrace after his case damaged Hillary Clinton's presidential campaign last year.The former congressman blames leakers in the FBI – and former FBI Director Comey – for injecting his case into the election and causing Weiner and his family extreme duress.'By 2009, Anthony's national prominence had reached new heights...At the same time, smartphones and the proliferation of social media platforms had begun to transform users' connectivity and frequency of access to online communications.'Anthony - who prided himself on being accessible to his constituents - moved quickly to capitalize on these new technologies, developing a strong presence on Facebook and Twitter, and responding to and engaging with members of the public who reached out to him.'Anthony began to exchange texts and other messages with constituents and admirers alike.

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