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La Bsqueda N 182, Santiago de Chile, Gran Logia de Chile FAQs - Freemasonry - Frequently Asked Questions ( Italiano-English) FELLOWCRAFT by Carl. Claudy ( English ) FIFTEEN POINTS FOR MASONIC EDUCATION by W. Van Slyck, Editor "The Proceedings" - Ohio Lodge of Research. In which the author uses numerology, substitution cipher, and English gematria. This paper explores how tangent circle triads arranged to produce a well-known Pythagorean (Euclidian) triangle may offer insight into the triangles mystic properties. Constructing three mutually tangent circles at the vertices of a 3, 4, 5 Right Triangle produces some interesting results. This statement binds King Solomon and his Building of the Temple with the operative and speculative Freemasons. The Building of King Solomon's Temple makes a central religious statement: "There is but one God". FURTHER SPECULATION ON THE SYMBOL OF THE SQUARE AND COMPASSES. One of the pre-requisites that must be satisfied by a candidate in order to become initiated into freemasonry is to declare belief in a Supreme Being, but the Supreme Being could be interpreted not only as a generic term for God but simply as the hidden answer to the mystery of existence.

(En) INIZIAZIONE, SEGRETO, ESOTERISMO, TRADIZIONE del M. LAS SUBLIMES ENSEANZAS DE LA ANTIGUA MASONERA CRPTICA Por Q. Molina Garca 33, Logia Concordia #1 Xalapa, Veracruz, G. Frre Yasef Yoaf 32, Loge Humanitas #33 LOrient d Istanbul, G. Travail prsent le 16 Mars 2004 dans la Loge Hildegarde de Bingen #767 l Orient de Nice GLNF LANDMARKS AND OLD CHARGES by R. By WB Don Falconer Lodge Endeavor No 429, The United Grand Lodge of New South Wales, Australia.

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