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But the real reason you don’t ask him what he thinks is this: you don’t want to hear the real answer. That he might be sick of your fears and insecurities. That he might be tired of the incessant conversations about where this is going, because he doesn’t know where this is going. And if he’s attracted to you, Jeannie, he’s attracted to you.

As always, I’ve hijacked the original question to make a point, and I apologize. The act of asking the question isn’t going to change the outcome – all it’s going to do is reveal what he’s thinking.

They're experts at taking humorous pieces of content and turning them into an argument by playing the victim.

People really do get upset by some of the strangest things said and done online.

An Internet troll is a member of an online social community who deliberately tries to disrupt, attack, offend or generally cause trouble within the community by posting certain comments, photos, videos, GIFs or some other form of online content.

You can find trolls all over the Internet – on message boards, in your You Tube video comments, on Facebook, on dating sites, in blog comment sections and everywhere else that has an open area where people can freely post to express their thoughts and opinions.

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When controversial topics are discussed online, they're bound to offend someone. But then there are the types of trolls who can take a piece of content – often times it's a joke, a parody or something sarcastic – and turn on the digital waterworks.The one you tell yourself is this: “I don’t want to upset him/emasculate him/bother him.” There’s some basis in truth for this, especially if you are perpetually acting weak, needy and fearful with a man who is doing his best to please you.The more you criticize and second-guess the intentions of a GOOD boyfriend, the more likely he is to get frustrated that you’re so insecure.The reason that women choose not to ask their boyfriends what they’re thinking, even though their boyfriends are actually the only people who KNOW what they’re thinking?Well, there are two answers to that as well – the one you tell yourself and the one that’s really true.

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