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He became a diligent student of the Bible and was a frequent participant in the discussions in the Bible class of the Poland Methodist Church, to which he belonged.His career really began at the outbreak of the Civil War.

The next day, July 25, 1864 at the age of twenty-one, Mc Kinley was promoted to be a Captain. At the close of the war, although a military career was open to him, he decided to leave the army.

William Mc Kinley, the twenty-fifth President of the United States, was born in Niles, Trumbull Country, Ohio, on Jan. His father, William Mc Kinley, Sr., came to Ohio from Pennsylvania.

The family was Scotch-Irish, and the President's forefathers came to America 150 years ago.

The "Coffee Incident" At the battle of Antietam, while his regiment was in the thick of the fray, Sergt. Hayes in describing this incident in a speech at the Lakeside, Chautauqua, in 1891, said: "From Sergt.

Mc Kinley was in charge of the commissary department of his brigade, and, necessarily, his post of duty was with the supplies, about two miles from where his famished comrades were battling with the enemy. Mc Kinley filled two wagons with cans containing hot coffee and other supplies, and hurried them to the front. Mc Kinley's hand every man in the regiment was served with hot coffee and warm meats, a thing which had never occurred under similar circumstances in any other army in the world. He was on the extreme right, and was soon attacked with such fury that he was obliged to fall back toward Winchester.

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    He has made good on the second part, conducting the country’s third nuke test, while keeping up the violent rhetoric and threatening, among other things, to rain fire on the U. “Break the waists of the crazy enemies, totally cut their windpipes and thus clearly show them what a real war is like, ” he once urged his soldiers, according to state media reports.

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    The site is a shortcut through the historical bylanes and the dusty corners with games, videos, stories, and homework help.

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